WinWorkBar 1.3 for Windows 10


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WinWorkBar makes it easy and convenient way to save a job to do, and notes. Notes are used to quickly store some information (eg text from browsing web pages, or idea). The tasks are, however, a kind of notes, which the program will remind the deadline set. Tasks and notes can be assigned to different categories and then easily filter them. The date for the task you will be notified pleasant window and set the sound. When the program starts, you will see the report in the form of a great to-do list and notes for the current day are displayed in the order of execution for hours. The status of each job position is described graphically in a very friendly and understandable manner. In addition, you can view the tasks to be performed on different days using the calendar color. The time and date are always displayed and clearly visible. Other features include: intuitive search, data export to html and view and print them in the browser, export and import data in XML format, advanced filtering lists, calculate mathematical expressions in the body of tasks / notes, automatic hiding / showing the main window, support the basic functions HotKey keys without using the mouse.